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NovuscodeLibrary update for Delphi 10.4

An update to the NovuscodeLibrary – a Delphi library of utility functions and non-visual classes for Delphi 10.4 is now ready.

The next big goal will be a Documentation Wiki using CodeImatic.codegen – CodeDoc plugin. Still a work in progress.

Also an upgrade and new samples.



and that was 2019 in Review.

This blog has been very quiet this year, lots of reasons, mostly work-related has kept me away.

Some milestones were achieved this year:


NovuscodeLibrary is a Delphi library of utility functions and non-visual classes.

  • New package NovusCodeLibrary_cURL.dpk – cURL function library
  • New package NovusCodeLibrary_WebUtils.dpk – Web functions library
  • Now support Delphi 10.3 and packages



Adding features or fixing bugs to Novuscodelibrary, it’s general done organically. The next feature supported:


CodeImatic is a PascalScript based toolchain for building and deployment. is a PascalScript based build and deployment engine.


CodeImatic.codegen is a PascalScript template driven source code and static website generator.

CodeImatic – Multiple features have been added and moving towards  an early beta release next year.


The Delphi AWS SDK enables Delphi/Pascal developers to easily work with Amazon Web Services.



The next version of DelphiAWSDK v.04 will have a full translation of Amazon DynamoDB using the new experimental Code-Generation based on CodeImatic.codegen

Using WordPress on Amazon Lightsail

I’m develpoing  a new book called “Using WordPress on Amazon Lightsail” which will be pushlished early next year, so sign up with the “Notify Me When This Is Published” button.

Happy New Year.